A Celebration in Brass

Highlights from the concert to commemorate the centenary of Eric Ball’s birth featuring classic repertoire from the pen of the composer. Music performed by The ISB, Black Dyke Band and guest soloist David Daws

Track Title Group
1 Torchbearers
International Staff Band
2 Song of Courage International Staff Band
3 Torch of Freedom Black Dyke Band
4 September Fantasy
Soloist: TBC
Black Dyke Band
5 Sound out the Proclamation International Staff Band
6 Journey into Freedom Black Dyke Band
7 Never Give Up! Massed Bands
8 ResurgamMassed Bands
9 Songs of the MorningMassed Bands
10 Cornet Solo - Clear Skies
Soloist: David Daws
Massed Bands
11 The Kingdom TriumphantMassed Bands
12Star Lake Massed Bands