The Heaton Collection [vol III]

A collaboration with Black Dyke Band and follow-up to the award winning double CD, The Heaton Collection Volumes 1 and 2.

Track Title Band
Five Little Pieces  
1i. Grave - Prestissimo
Black Dyke Band
2ii. Con Energico Black Dyke Band
3iii. Cantabile Black Dyke Band
4iv. Giocoso ma deliberamente Black Dyke Band
5v. Presto Black Dyke Band
6Trombone Concerto
Trombone Soloist: Brett Baker
Black Dyke Band
7French International Staff Band
8Variations on Annie Laurie
Cornet Soloist: Kevin Ashman
International Staff Band
Beulah Land 
9i. Better World International Staff Band
10ii. Heavenly Home International Staff Band
11iii. Happy Land International Staff Band