Day 13 - Melbourne

Following the long journeys of the previous two days, we boarded the coach in Ballarat for the relatively short journey to Melbourne for the final leg of the tour. As has become usual on these early morning trips, everybody was quite subdued.

Adelaide March

Day 12 - Ballarat

After a good night sleep and breakfast the band set off for Ballarat.  On route a brief stop was made at Mt Gambiers’ ‘Blue Lake’, a significant dormant volcano now full of water.  We learnt that the water is blue in colour due to the areas mineral make up, during winter the water can appear chocolate brown and that this is the main water supply for the area.

Air 'N Variations

Melbourne Staff Band MSB125 Concert - ISB & MSB

This concert will be live streamed in full HD on It takes place on Saturday 31 October at 7.00pm (Australian Time).

Day 11 - Mt. Gambier

The bleary eyes and weary faces which met at the Divisional Headquarters on the eleventh day of the tour told us two things, firstly that the previous day had been a long one and secondly that it was another early start. After saying farewell to yet another great set of billets we boarded the coach towards Mt. Gambier.

Day 10 - Adelaide

After a great night’s sleep at our billets we made our way to Divisional Headquarters.  Like much of the architecture that we have seen so far in Australia, the building was quite distinctive!  Taking the form of a grand stately home with a veranda around the second-floor, this building was once a Salvation Army home for children.  We were due to meet for "morning tea" but what greeted us was more of a "morning banquet"!

Day 9 - Adelaide

And so, after a great couple of days in Sydney, today saw the band move on to Adelaide. At this halfway point in the tour, many within the band are coming down with various ailments...sore throats and colds seem to be spreading like Aussie wildfires.

Day 8 - Sydney

The regular ministry of the ISB tends to follow a familiar pattern of travel, Saturday evening festival, Sunday morning worship followed by an afternoon festival to finish the weekend.
In many ways the tour up to now has felt like a series of Saturday evening festivals and so it was good to arrive at Sunday and be able to meet together with the corps folk of Sydney Congress Hall to share in worship.

Prelude on the hymn tune 'Lavenham'

Prelude on the hymn tune 'Lavenham' composed by Geoffrey Nobes has been a popular piece on tour with the thought provoking lyrics being displayed on the screens whilst we have presented this piece of music.

There have been numerous requests for a copy of these lyrics. Here are the three verses from this hymn that we use with Geoffrey's arrangement.

We hope and pray that these will be helpful to you.