Blessed Assurance

Day 2 - Ipswich & Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane

After a long awaited sleep, day 2 is starting to feel much more realistic. 7 hours sleep over 48 hours turned our first full day in to a blur, although the welcome we received from the people at Brisbane City Temple was enough to keep us going. Today we were heading towards one of the new cities of Queensland, Ipswich. I must say that as a Norwich City supporter, having to write a blog about my time in Ipswich is not something that I would usually enjoy. Fortunately Ipswich in Australia is a beautiful place and it's been an easy task writing this. 

Day 1 - Brisbane City Temple Corps

The first official day of the ISB Australian tour, commenced with the bands arrival at Brisbane International Airport. Following the reclaiming of luggage and ensuring all instruments had remained intact from the long haul (I believe the only casualty was a baritone), it was a real lift to be greeted by several members of the Brisbane City Temple Corps including Corps officer Major Dean Clarke and Bandmaster Barrie Gott.

The International Staff Band Australian Tour Promo